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The C-Magic Story

The C-Magic story began around 2002 with organization, research and formulation testing and then marketing plans. Our product debut was at the National NCRS meet in Orlando, Florida in January, 2005. Through launch efforts there, we set our plan in motion to become a viable detail products supplier.

2005 also brought our introduction to both the National Corvette Museum and General Motors Licensing. Testing by the NCM gained us acceptance by the Museum as their product of choice. Since then ONLY C-MAGIC has been on EVERY Corvette prepared and delivered through the National Corvette Museum R8C Program.

Gaining the Museum's acceptance and support led us to apply to General Motors marketing executives at EMI. We were Licensed and sold products carrying the branded GM Logo for 3 years. We declined to continue that arrangement and our official association with GM Marketing, through EMI, ended in 2009! Literally handing our competition an opportunity to become GM Licensed!

Our products have been on numerous award winning Corvettes, Ferrari's, Rolls-Royce's, and nearly every automobile, boat and airplane one can imagine!
The tremendous ease of application and long lasting shine is simply a surprise to everyone who tries our product. We have relied on our polymer formulas, shunned organic bases such as carnauba, and our customers praise the ease of application, shine depth and longevity. Recently, wea€?ve added a series of Ceramic products for those searching for increased protection from the elements and increased shine. RADIANT certainly places us as a leader in this new generation of products.

Our goal is to continue our uniqueness, offer only products that truly are market leading and not have the customer purchase duplicate or unnecessary items.
We rarely invest in advertising, unlike the competition, since our belief is founded in the fact that a€?customersa€? telling others, is the best advertising any company can achieve!a€? Get on board, try our products and become one of those that tells others. Ask around and youa€?ll find out for yourself. You will not be disappointed! And one other thing, you will not find us on retail shelves, doing marketing branding with others to increase both companies revenues, national advertising, and adding to your product purchase price. Our efforts are to provide the finest product possible directly to the detailing industry. C-MAGIC

  Product List:
New for 2017:

Detail Wax
Tire Finish
Metal Polish
Glass Cleaner

Detail Wax
Tire Finish
Wheel Cleaner
Glass Cleaner

Detail Wax
Tire Finish
Wheel Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Detail Kit
Exterior Kit
Travel Kit
Convertible Kit

Microfiber Towels:
3pk Microfiber
Combo Pack

2pk Red/Black

Microfiber Polish Pads:
Orange Scratch Removal
Black Swirl/Final Finish

Convertible Top
Wheel Brush

Nanoskin Clay
Hand Wash Mit

Orbital Polisher


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